Dressing up for your dream job

  • February 04, 2019

UWSB had a great placement season last semester and still continues as we reached a century last month, with more than a 100 students already placed with renowned corporate, pan India and overseas. The placement team, along with the faculties, has worked hard all year long to provide the best training but in the end, it all depends on the students how well they bat when on the pitch with a thousand pairs of eyes observing from a 360 degree angle.

Our corporate world revolves around much more than the degree certificates you carry in a file. Of course those matter the most but with the new age methods of interview rounds, one is expected to be well dressed every single minute. You never know when you receive a telephone call saying they are video calling you in the next 5 minutes for your dream job profile and those 5 mins are also allotted so you can find a disturbance-free zone with good internet connectivity. So what exactly does it mean with being interview-ready all the time?

Let’s decode what comes under formals and casual dressing that can be part of your wardrobe staple for fresher’s:

– Suits: if you are appearing for a senior profile job in an official environment like an office or any company premises
– Blazers: if you are appearing for a senior profile job but meeting your interviewer in a cafe or over coffee at a club
– Formal trousers and shirt: job profiles for all levels; suitable for all premises. A well ironed pair of pants and full sleeved shirt (preferably plain color) never fails to impress
– Kurta and straight pants: for girls who are not very comfortable wearing pants & shirt. Also, if you are appearing for a teaching job or a profile in hospitality
– Dark colored Straight Simple Denims and Plain Block-colored Collared tee when meeting the interviewer very informally at their residence, for a media house as a freelance, a writer with the publisher at a cafe or any informal situation.

What needs to be strictly avoided at a fresher level:
– Ragged or narrow jeans and round neck/v-neck tees: Definitely a no-no. Reserve those for your relaxed weekends and fun night outs with friends unless you want a job as a disc jockey or a sales expert at a funky clothing showroom
– Anarkali and heavy dupatta dresses: Simple A-line dresses would still be OK for a banking job or as a sales staff; the heavy dresses and flowy anarkalis shall have to wait for personal occasions at home and not the workplace… the interviewer is looking for an employee and not a light bulb who can light the entire office
– Bright prints and colours: These aren’t your fancy Diwali dinners. An interviewer needs to listen to your answers and not count the number or colors and prints on your clothes, it’s a total loss of concentration
– Metals: Golds and Silvers : Well, include bronze as well… no medal shiny metal colors in clothes please! Keep your Diwali wardrobe away until the celebration time

Remember, it takes only 30 seconds to scan a candidate and 31st second to reject the person from their appearance.

Following all these tips is going to help you as a fresher, but certainly not going to fetch you the job for which you shall be asked to answer questions with confidence and trust your knowledge and degrees. It’s like a great commercial movie… the script, the acting as well as the production and packaging has to be great to make it reach the 100 crore club.

Kunj Ganatra
Unitedworld School of Business

(this article is reproduced from the author's original post published on her blog - http://awomansays.com/shouldnt-worn-interview.html)



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