● UWSB has been consistently ranked amongst the leading business schools in India. We offer a unique approach to learning that helps our students succeed in their careers.

● Strong Industrial Focus
○ UWSB has been bridging the gap between industry and academia through customised programs for students seeking diversified business management education.
○ Students are encouraged to participate in various national and international activities, which allows them to encounter experts in many fields.
○ UWSB’s faculty boasts a diverse mix of VPs, CXOs who come from extensive industrial experience and in-depth expertise in their respective fields.

● Distinguished Faculty
○ The faculty at UWSB is a group of talented professors who will nurture your talent and skill. New management practices, ideas, and knowledge are implemented by seasoned academicians and industry experts.

● Start-up Focused University
○ UWSB helps prepares future leaders with a focus on cutting-edge interdisciplinary approach.
○ It has a strong and growing network of industries, institutions, and seed-funding agencies.

● Qualitative & Dynamic Curriculum
○ The New Horizons curriculum has a multi-dimensional approach – we look at the broader picture and make sure that our students are holistically developed.
○ A key part of this success is case study teaching, which helps any student understand how to handle real-world scenarios.
○ The curriculum also includes developing interpersonal communication skills and functional fundamentals for becoming a leader in your field.

● State of the Art Campus
○ Our KU Campus promise quality management education with state-of-the-art physical and digital infrastructure, students have access to a well-equipped library, workshops along with qualitative student life.

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