Karnavati Connect

Karnavati University proudly presents Karnavati Connect – an initiative to make students campus ready and introduce them to various “conventional ” and “non-conventional” career options.

The initiative also aims at reaching out to educators through workshops, talks, and discussions and together creates an environment which enables us to strengthen the education system of the country.


Our vision is to work towards the betterment of education by collaborating with the teaching community across schools, and bridge the gap between school and University education.


Karnavati Connect aims to give a peek into the University life while introducing them to various career prospects and preparing them for their future academic pursuits.

The program collaborates with the teaching community through innovative Faculty Training Programs (FTP) which aids teachers to deal with the constantly changing aspirations and ambitions of the students.


  • To make students of 11th and 12th standard campus ready, allow them to understand  and explore various career options, interact with faculty members and industry experts and participate in a wide range of workshops.
  • To organize workshops, lectures and events for educators and teachers in various schools. The faculty development programs will  aim at helping the educators increase their effectiveness and skills in teaching
  • Through the College Pathway Program the students can opt for a summer or winter residential course at Karnavati University. The residential course will allow students  to live on campus for a stipulated number of days, attend classes, participate in workshops, eat in the mess and participate in various fun activities and events on campus.