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About B.Design (Hons.) Interior & Furniture Design

B.Design (Hons.) Interior & Furniture Design is offered as part of Department of Interior Design

Course Structure

Semester 1


  • Professional Communication
  • Leadership Lab


  • Art, Design and Culture – 1
  • Visualisation & Representation
  • Material Exploration
  • Digital Tools-1
  • Design Process
  • Basic Design

Semester 2


  • Thinking skills


  • Design Criticism and Aesthetics
  • Form Space and Structure
  • Digital Tools-2
  • Discover Design in India
  • Communication Practices – 1
  • Story of Furniture
  • Integrated Foundation Project – Interior design

Semester 3


  • Professional Ethics


  • Creative Coding


  • Programme Elective – 1 (any one)
    1. People and Environment
    2. Spatial Interaction
  • Programme Elective – 2(any one)
    1. Interior Styling
    2. Interior Landscaping
  • KU Open Elective – 1


  • Communication Practices 2
  • Interior Services 1
  • Maker Lab 1
  • Simple Furniture Design
  • Studio: Public Spaces

Semester 4


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Tinkering Studio


  • Programme Elective – 3(any one)
    1. Heritage Conservation
    2. Urban Environments
  • Programme Elective – 4(any one)
    1. Parametric Design
    2. Crafted by Nature
  • KU Open Elective – 2


  • Psychology & Human Behavior
  • Communication Practices 3
  • Urban Furniture Design
  • Craft & Furniture Workshop
  • Interior Services 2
  • Studio: Urban Spaces

Semester 5


  • International language – LEVEL1 (any one)
    1. German
    2. Italian
    3. Spanish
    4. French


  • Programme Elective – 5 (any one)
    1. Experience Design
    2. Digital Environments
  • Programme Elective – 6 (any one)
    1. Systems in Motion
    2. Dynamic Mechanisms
  • Programme Open Elective – 1 (any one)
    1. Product Design (PD)
      • PD1: User Experience Design
      • PD2: Design for Circular Economy
    2. Fashion Design (FD)
      • FD1: Fashion Materials & Textiles
      • FD2: Fashion Design Process
    3. Animation and Digital Media (ADM)
      • ADM1: Stop Motion Animation
      • ADM2: Introduction to Sound and Music
    4. Automobile and Transportation Design (ATD)
      • ATD1: Automotive Design Drawing I
      • ATD2: Physical Modelling I
    5. Visual Communication
      • VC1: Basic Typography
      • VC2: Introduction to Theatre
    6. Interaction Design (IxD)
      • ID1: Microinteractions
      • ID2: Introduction to Universal Design Systems
    7. Game Design & Simulation
      • GSD1: Character Sculpting
      • GSD2: Matte-Painting-I


  • Apprenticeship


  • Communication Practices 3
  • Maker Lab 2
  • Complex Furniture Design
  • Hybrid Studio: Retail Environments

Semester 6


  • International Language – LEVEL2
    1. German
    2. Italian
    3. Spanish
    4. French


  • Programme Elective -7 (any one)
    1. Bio-inspired Systems
    2. Virtual Environments
  • Programme Elective – 8 (any one)
    1. Robotics & Sensors
    2. Additive Manufacturing
  • Programme Open Elective -2 (any one from below)
    1. Product Design (PD)
      • PD3: Introduction to Universal Design
      • PD4: Internet of Everything
    2. Fashion Design (FD)
      • FD3: Creative Surface Techniques
      • FD4: Fashion, Image & Identity
    3. Animation and Digital Media (ADM)
      • ADM3: 2D Digital Animation-I
      • ADM4: Graphic Narratives
    4. Automobile and Transportation Design (ATD)
      • ATD3: Automotive Design Drawing-II
      • ATD4: Physical Modelling-II
    5. Visual Communication
      • VC3: Illustration
      • VC4: Infographics
    6. Interaction Design (IxD)
      • ID3: Social Networks
      • ID4: Digital Bio Applications
    7. Game Design & Simulation
      • GSD3: 2D Game Asset Creation and Integration
      • GSD4: Matte-Painting-II


  • Research Methodology


  • Portfolio Design
  • Furniture Systems
  • Fab Lab 1
  • Interdisciplinary Design Project

Semester 7


  • Internship
  • Responsive Realities
  • Responsive Environments
  • Fab Lab 2


  • Design Management

Semester 8


  • Graduation Project


  • Design Research
Click here to view details about Course Structure along with Course Description

Areas of Specialization

  • – Spatial and Exhibition Design
  • – Set/Scenic Design
  • – Interior Styling & Creative Direction
  • – Speculative Design
  • – Furniture Curation & Manufacturing
  • – Parametric & Generative Design
  • – Furniture, Craft & Accessory Design

Career Prospects

  • Learning Model
  • Master Class
  • Workshop
Learning Model
Learning Model of B.Design (Hons.) Interior & Furniture Design
Learning Model of B.Design (Hons.) Interior & Furniture Design

The learning model at UID is incubated to create and adapt to an appropriate environment of learning that facilitates our students with new experiences. We make sure our learning model engages the learner into new dimensions of work. This model provides an environment for interactive student engagement and enhances the system thinking ability.

At UID, we believe that the experiential knowledge gained while developing and implementing this unique learning model is transferable to other disciplines as well.

Master Class
Master Class

Invited Speakers for Master Classes (2020)

Karel Vredenburg
Saumya Aymuas
David Foley
Nehal Bhatt
Nidhi Aggarwal

Invited Speakers for Master Classes (2019)

Marina Puyuelo Cazorla
Bram Rouws
Meetu Akali
Niraj Shah
Chirashree Thakkar
Devdutt Pandya
Moksh Thapar
Anand Vishwanathan
Anuj Ambalal
Shweta Balasubramoni
Jenny Andrews
Rishit Shroff
Shailesh Manke
Hemal Shah
Falguni Shah
Nirmit Zaveri
Yatin Pandya
Shantanu Garg
Sameer & Shilpa Balvally
Ayaz Basrai
Megha & Keyur Vadodaria
Lipika Sud
Kavya Sheth
Gerard Rebello
Pavitra Rajaram


The Interior Design department at UID conducts various workshops for students in the campus where they get to explore CNC machines, lathe machine, 3D printer, computer-aided machines, hand drills, table drills, table saw cutter, thermocol modelers, grinding machines. They work with different materials like wood, metal, glass, and hardware in these workshops to come up with interesting elements like furniture and lights. Students thus get to explore their creative ideas and construct them to reality by working hands-on in workshops inside the campus with workshop people.



I have an educational background in a non-science stream. Am I eligible for B.Des. (Hons.) Interior & Furniture Design at UID?

Yes, you are eligible for B.Des. (Hons.) Interior & Furniture Design, irrespective of your choice of stream in school. Curiosity and willingness to keep learning are the key traits of a design student.

What should I include in my portfolio for admission to the B.Des. (Hons.) Interior & Furniture Design programme?

Your portfolio should reflect your aesthetic and highlight your skills in 2D/3D sketching, illustrations, 3-D geometry, creative ability to think on paper and with material, basic knowledge of materials, textures, and colours, and your ability to work hands-on. You may also showcase your extra-curricular skills like photography, model making, digital rendering, presentation skills, etc. It is advisable to keep your portfolio concise and crisp.

Are sketching skills a requirement to get into the programme?

Basic sketching skills will surely help you in the Design Aptitude Test. It is recommended to practise sketching regularly as it helps you to present your ideas. Start exploring and enjoying different mediums of sketching. Spatial and interior elements – specific drawings, orthographic drawings and digital renders will be a part of your courses at UID.

Is model-making skill a requirement to get into the programme?

Knowledge of materials and model-making skills are not a requirement for admission; however, candidates should possess fundamental knowledge of some materials. Model-making skills and processes will be an integral part of the courses taught.

What kind of subjects/courses will I study in the Interior & Furniture Design programme?

The Interior & Furniture Design programme at UID offers a holistic, well-proportioned and hands-on curriculum with a notable emphasis on industry-required abilities. The undergraduate programme – B.Des. (Hons.) in Interior & Furniture Design that spans 4 years has a balanced mix of theoretical and practical courses with courses such as Communication Practices, Interior Services, Design studios, Simple & Complex Furniture Design, Maker Labs, Fab Labs, and many more with an Internship in the semester 7 followed by a Graduation Project in semester 8. The postgraduate programme – M.Des. in Interior Experience Design, with a duration of 2 years has a varied cluster of courses ranging from Visual Aesthetics, Interior Systems & Services, Brand Design Management, Interior Experience Studio & Furniture Design with an Internship & Graduation Project in semester 4. Students get an opportunity to study an International language as well as opt from a bouquet of inter-disciplinary electives. Research methodology and research writing are constituent segments of the curriculum as well, wherein students can explore various avenues within the domain of design research.

Does UID organize study trips?

Study trips are organized for students to sensitize them to the cultural influences that might affect the design of spaces, and spatial and interior elements. The trips may include visits to heritage places, industry visits, site visits, design exhibitions, art festivals, design studios, industrial production units, etc. for an immersive experience as per the requirement of the courses. The trips may vary from local visits to outstation travels for a few days. Faculty members also accompany the students on these study trips.

What companies have the students done their Internships & Graduation Projects in?

Our students have pursued their internships with organizations like Godrej, Hafeez Contractor & Associates, Liv Space, Burt Hill Architects, Landor & Fitch, HOF, FRDC, Bonito Designs, Shantanu Garg, Sahil & Sarthak, Figments Experience Lab, Studio RUH, Match Stix Art Direction and HPA – Hiren Patel Architects.

What are the options after graduation & what support is available from the institute?

The students upon completion of their degree choose one of the following,

  1. Have their start-up & be entrepreneurs. The Corporate Resource Centre at UID guides as required.
  2. Go overseas for higher education. The International Relations Office at UID guides and supports the admission & visa process.
  3. Get a job in the industry. The Corporate Resource Centre at UID works with the students from their Internship onwards for aspiration mapping & placement accordingly.

What is the examination/evaluation system?

The evaluation for each course has the following parts-

  1. Continuous Evaluation- It comprises marking regular assignments during the semester. There are points for attendance too.
  2. Mid-Term Exam- Students are evaluated through written exams and an internal jury during the mid-semester.
  3. End Term Exam- The final exam comprises of written paper for theory courses and an external jury for practical courses.

What infrastructure is available on campus?

UID provides world-class facilities at its sprawling campus. The infrastructure includes a technologically advanced Felder Lab, a Makers Lab that includes 3D printers, an AR VR lab, machines for metal works, a fully functional wood workshop, a leather lab, a ceramic lab, audio-visual rooms, a library, an auditorium. All the classrooms are equipped with unique modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment that provide an extensive experience in art and design. The campus also houses a Centre for Craft Innovation where students can engage in a symbiotic learning model with craftsmen & artisans from across the country for product development & diversification.

What are the class timings?

Classes are scheduled from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays. Labs are kept open after hours at the request of students if required, safety precautions like masks, aprons, and gloves are all mandatory for the student’s safety.