Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

Among the top design institutes in India, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a rarity. Founded with the aim to outclass the top design colleges in India with its state of the art labs and hands-on creative learning, it seeks to create trendsetters and ideators who’ll lead the future of design schools in India. UID stands apart from B. Design colleges in India in exposure it offers to students which are unmatched by top design colleges in India. Precisely why its popularity grew among design institutes in India in a short span of time.

UID 2020-21 Admissions Open. Click here to apply | UID DAT Exam Date: 26 Jan 2020

Our Courses

Ph.D. in Design (Fashion Design)

The Doctoral Program in Fashion Design is being offered by Karnavati University Unitedworld Institute of Design. The programme is led by professors of repute who have both Industrial as well as Academic Excellence. The Doctoral Program i...

Ph.D. in Design (Product Design)

Product Design is the professional skill of creating and developing context-led concepts into tangible solutions for the benefit of society, industry and the environment. Product design domain requires in-depth knowledge of variety of al...

Ph.D. in Design (Interior Design)

The PhD program at the School of Interior Design focuses on developing a competency of high quality in-depth inquiry and rigorous research around the themes of people, space and technology. Research areas could focus on a range of t...

Ph.D. in Design (Visual Communication)

The world we inhabit today is getting visually richer every passing day. We consume much more visual content than our previous generations did. And with exponential advances in information technology and access, a constantly evolving glo...

Visual Communication

Visual Communication plays a powerful role in majority of our buying choices. In a world mediated by images and graphics, Visual Communication comes across as a wonderful career option. UID’s course on Visual Communication educates stude...

Animation & Motion Graphics

UID’s course on Animation & Motion Graphics helps develop the creative talent of students, gives them technical skills and teaches them how to work as a creative professional. The course equips students with high-level conceptual, pr...

Fashion Design

UID’s course on Fashion Design helps students explore and discover their individual style along with building on their fashion skills and craft. The hands-on course prepares students to take their place in the world of fashion. This cour...

Lifestyle & Accessory Design

UID’S Lifestyle Accessory Design, curriculum suffices in transforming individuals in sync with the dynamics of ever morphing trends and market ardor. With its already existing ace infrastructure and mentor/faculty pool (both within and c...

Product Design

The Product Design course at UID trains students to create and craft relevant products based on consumer demands. Through this course, students gain knowledge necessary to create useful, innovative, attractive and artisanal products that...

Automobile & Transportation Design

The course equips students to function as a professional designer in the automobile and transportation industry. UID’s Automobile & Transportation Design course is unique in its scope of interest dealing with the whole transportation...

Interior Design

The Interior Design course imparts both artistic flair and technical know-how to those who pursue this course at UID. This broad-based course ensures that students get a sound understanding of the field of interior design while developin...

UID has designed a well structured curriculum for each course to foster unique creativity and vision. Our programme and courses are carefully designed to make a real difference to the student learning experience.

The structure of the programme aims to create a fine balance between theoretical and practical education. The programme focuses on the basics of the field of design while stressing on the possibilities to practice specific skills and knowledge related to specific courses.  The programme takes you through a facet of creative skills required to excel in your chosen field. During the course, students will be guided and mentored by experts while being given the opportunity to interact with industry professionals. The learning outcomes are assessed at the end of each semester to ensure that students have a firm understanding of the latest concepts before moving on to emerging trends.

Each course creates a dynamic environment , which builds the self confidence of the students along with a foundation of creative and technical skills.

The learning model at UID is incubated to create and adapt to an appropriate environment of learning that facilitates our students with new experiences. We make sure our learning model engages the learner into new dimensions of work. This model provides an environment for interactive student engagement and enhances the system thinking ability.

At UID, we believe that the experiential knowledge gained while developing and implementing this unique learning model is transferable to other disciplines as well.

UID organises a number of workshops on a regular basis to help students connect with and expand their creativity. The workshops introduce students to the concepts of design and provide a strong grounding and encourage personal and artistic growth through innovative self-expression. All the classrooms are equipped with unique modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment thatprovide an extensive experience in art and design. The workshops offer insights into topical themes in the field of design along with practical exercises that come with a high level of professionalism.

The workshops offer a hands-on experience of working in the industry and ensure that you can operate as professionals while you are studying. The workshops are committed to encouraging and supporting students in their creative journey.

Office of the Director

Jayantilal Panchal


Professor Mechanical Engineer Advance training in Industrial Design (Fellowship-Ford Foundation) at Gugelot Design GMBH, New Ulm, West Germany Designing in Fine Metals (Fellowship-UNDP), Gewarb Schule fur Angewedest Kunst, Vienna, Austria Ex-Principal Designer, NID

Col. Surojit Bose

Director - Academics, Administration & International Collaboration

MBA (HR & Marketing), IP University, New Delhi

Amit Gajjar



KK Singh

Director - Academics & Administration

M.Sc. (Applied Maths), B.Ed. Former Executive Member, Food Corporation of India

CSD (Career Service Department)

Kunal Mehta

Associate Head

B.E. Civil

Dipal Gajjar

Manager - Corporate Relations

Masters in Human Resource

Shwetabh Verma

Manager - Industry Engagements

Masters in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani

Meraya Sharma

Manager - CSD

B.Com. (Guj. Uni.)

Dr. Anshu Paliwal

Associate Director - Students Affairs

Ph.D. (RTM Nagpur University), M.Sc. (LAD College Nagapur University), B.Sc. (Dharampeth Science College Nagpur University), NET

Sharlin Shastri

Student Relation Manager

Bachelor of Arts (Guj. Uni.), HRM (Centennial College, Canada)

Foundation Department

Vivek Karmokar

Head of Department

Master of Fine Arts (Delhi University), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Delhi University)

Paresh Chatterjee

Associate Director

Bachelor in Painting & Sculpture – Vishwa Bharati University, Shantiniketan, West Bengal PG Diploma (Textile Design) – Industrial Design, NID, Ahmedabad

Ramesh Suthar

Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineer, Technical Examination Board, Gujarat

Khushboo Bharti

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Research (pursuing); MFA from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

Mukesh Singh

Associate Professor

MFA, MS University, Baroda; BFA, MS University, Baroda

Saumya Bandyopadhyay

Associate Professor

MFA, College of Art, Delhi; BFA, Govt. College of Art & Craft, Calcutta

Kakoli Biswas

Associate Professor

PG Diploma (Textile Design & Development), NIFT, New Delhi B.F.A.  Banaras Hindu University

Viraj N Wadia

Assistant Professor

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), Arvind Patel School of Environmental Design, Vallabh Vidhyanagar

Aditya Chauhan

Assistant Professor

Bachelor Design In Fashion Design (NIFT)

Vibha Kalaiya

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Pursuing) (Clothing & Textiles), M S University, Baroda; Master F.C. Sc. (Clothing & Textiles), M S University, Baroda; Bachelor F.C.Sc. (Clothing & Textiles), M S University, Baroda; Designer Teachers Development Program at NID, Ahmedabad

Robin Makvana

Assistant Professor

B.Des. (Accessory Design), NIFT, Gandhinagar; Diploma (Electrical Engineering), T.E.B.G.S, Gandhinagar

Sushmita Dutta

Assistant Professor

M.Des. (Textile Design), NID; Bachelor of Visual Design (Textile Design), Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata

Tanushree Ghosh

Assistant Professor

MVA (Painting), Govt. College of Art and Craft, Kolkata; BVA, Govt. College of Art and Craft, Kolkata

Jogi Darshan

Assistant Professor

Bachelor of Interior Design, CEPT

Vipul Prajapati

Assistant Professor

Master in Fine Arts; Diploma in Drawing & Painting (C.N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad)

Kiran Jha

Assistant Professor

Master of Fashion Management (NIFT, Bhubneshwar), Master of Arts (Rabirndra Bharti Uni. Kolkata), Bachelor of Arts (Uni. Of Burdwan)

Sudip Dutta

Assistant Professor

Post Diploma (Creative painting at faculty of fine arts), MS University, Vadodara

Ravi Sachula

Assistant Professor

Master in Fine Arts; Diploma in Drawing & Painting (C.N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad)

Navneet Kumar

Assistant Professor

PG Diploma (Transportation Design), MIT Institute of Design; B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), YIT, Jaipur; Diploma (Fine Arts), Kanoria Center for Fine Arts, Ahmedabad

Ruparas Singh

Assistant Professor

Undergraduate Diploma (Transportation Design), MIT Institute of Design

Manish Solanki

Assistant Professor

Master in Fine Arts; Diploma in Drawing & Painting (C.N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad)

Jidin Raj

Assistant Professor

Diploma (Tool and Die Making, Tool Room Engineering), NTTF

School of Communication Design

Visual Communication (Graphics)

Lolita Dutta

Associate Director and Professor

Professional Education Diploma in Visual Communication (Exhibition Design), NID

Rahul Bhattacharya

Associate Professor

Master of Fine Arts (MS University), Bachelor of Fine Arts (MS University)

Stephan Saaltnik

Associate Professor

Sambit Pradhan

Assistant Professor

PG Diploma (Lifestyle Accessories), NID B.Arch, College of Engineering & Technology, Bhubaneshwar

Honey Panchal

Assistant Professor

MFA, University for the Creative Arts, UK Professional Educational Diploma (Photography Design), NID BVA, MS University, Baroda

Rajeev Kumar

Assistant Professor

Bachelor Of Fashion Design (NIFT, Mumbai), Degree in Fine Arts (Chitra Visharad, Lalit Kala Mahavidayla Chandigardh Uni.)

Abhrojit Boral

Assistant Professor

Bachelor of Design (NIFT), Master of Arts (University for the Creative Arts)

Sunder Mahalingam

Assistant Professor

Bachelor of Science in VC (Bharatiyar Uni., Coimbatore)

Nayna Yadav

Assistant Professor

Master of Design in Communication Design (IIT Mumbai) , B.Des. in Industrial Design (Symbiosis)

Hardik Pancholi

Assistant Professor

PG Diploma (Applied Arts-Specialization in Illustration), MS University, Baroda Diploma (Applied Arts), Sheth C.N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad

Samyo Ghoshal

Assistant Professor

M.Des. in Animation Design

Yuti Devale

Assistant Professor

Diploma (Applied Arts-Specialization in Typography), L.S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai

Arun Chanchal


Master in Graphic Design (NID), Bachelor of Architecture (Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Tec. Uni., U.P.)

Atreye Dutta


Bachelor's In Multimedia (Animation & Film Making), St. Xavier's College Kolkata

Animation & Motion Graphics

Naresh Bathula

Assistant Professor

Masters in Design, Animation Film Design (NID), Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Communication in Painting (JNU Delhi)

Dr. Arati Khare

Head of Department and Associate Professor

PhD in Instrument Design 7 Development (IIT Delhi), Master in Visual Design (IIT-Bombay), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Banaras Hindu University)

Sheshadri Ayengar

Assistant Professor

B.Sc. (Multimedia & Animation), MS University

Hirock Roy

Assistant Professor

BFA (Applied Arts), Lalithkala, Mysore Autodesk certification (3ds Max and Maya) Visharad in Hindustani Classical Music

School of Interior Design

Interior Design

Hariesh Sankaran

Associate Director - School of Interior Design and Associate Professor

M.Sc. in Architecture (Urban Landscapes), Milan, Italy M.Des (Industrial Design), Domus Academy + University Of Wales, Milan, Italy B.Arch., Madras University, Chennai

Dr. Bhavesh Shah


Ph.D. (IIT, Roorkee), M.Des. in Visual Communication (IIT Bombay), Master of Architecture (University of California)

Gautam Patel

Associate Professor

Industrial Design (Product), NID, Ahmedabad

Kishori Dalwadi

Associate Professor

Master in Urban Planning; B.Arch.

Timcy Garg

Associate Professor

M. Arch. (Interior Design); B. Arch; Diploma in Architecture

Padmavati Mokaria

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Advance PG Diploma (Teri Uni.-Delhi), B.Architecture (Guj. Uni.)

Shweta Narang (Tiwari)

Assistant Professor

Bachelor of Interior Design, School of Interior Design, CEPT, Ahmedabad

Meera Patel

Assistant Professor

Bachelor in Architecture & Interior Design, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology, Vasad

Kriti Malkani (Khandhari)

Assistant Professor

Bachelors of Interior Design, CEPT

Samhita Gandhi

Assistant Professor

Master of Design in Interior Architecture (Edinburgh Napier Uni. Scotland UK), Bachelor of Interior Design (CEPT)

Ruchita Mistri

Assistant Professor

Master in Urban Planning, HNGU, Patan Bachelor of Architecture, M S University (Baroda)

Ankita Trivedi

Assistant Professor

School of Fashion Design

Fashion Styling & Communication

Dr. Sanyogita Chadha

Associate Director

Ph.D. (Textile Science & Apparel Design), SNDT University, Mumbai Design and Merchandising, London School of Fashion Studies M.Sc. and B.Sc. (Clothing and Textiles), MS University, Baroda

Nien Siao

Professor and Academic Mentor & Advisor

Professional Education Diploma in Industrial Design (Textile Design), NID, Ahmedabad PGCHE, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Marius Janusauskas

Assistant Director - Fashion Design Dept

Ph.D.(pursuing) in Gender and Diversity M.A. Fashion (Honours) B.A. Fashion (Honours)

Kunal Dutta


MA (Fashion & Textiles), Nottingham Trent University + Pearl Academy Graduate Diploma (Fashion Design), NIFT, Gandhinagar

Sandhya Srinivasan

Associate Professor

Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design), NIFT, New Delhi

Rebecca D’Souza

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Pursuing), Fashion Business Management LIGS University, Hawaii Advanced Diploma (Fashion Design & Technology), Middlesex University, London

Manish Patel

Associate Professor

M.Des. (Fashion Design), Domus Academy , Milano, Italy B.Des. (Fashion Design), NIFT, Gandhinagar

Ranjan Kumar

Assistant Professor

B. Des. (Fashion Design), NIFT, Gandhinagar

Nandita Shah


M.Des. (Fashion Design), Istituto Marangoni, Milano, Italy B.Des. (Fashion Design), NIFT, Gandhinagar

Anahita Suri

Assistant Professor

Bachelor in Fashion Design (Otago, New Zealand) (Collaborative Learning & Laureate Faculty in the 21st Century, Laureate International University)

Pritam Saha

Assistant Professor

B.Des. (Integrated Textile and Apparel Design), NID, Ahmedabad

Kriti Srivastava

Assistant Professor

Master in Fashion Management (NIFT, Bangalore), Bachelors in Fashion Technology (NIFT, Chennai), PG Diploma in Consumer Law & Practice (NLSIU, Bangalore)

Badal Kumar

Assistant Professor

B.Des. (Fashion Design), NIIFT, Punjab

Deepak Kumar

Assistant Professor

B.Des. (Fashion Design), NIFT, Gandhinagar


Assistant Professor

Master of Design (NIFT Mumbai); B.Tech. - Fashion & Apparel (MDU Rohtak); Diploma in Fashion Design (GPW Faridabad)

Priyalakshmi Kanotra

Adjunct Faculty

Master of Design (NIFT); Bachelor of Knitwear Design (NIFT)

Textile & Knitwear Design

Paresh Chatterjee

Head of Department

Bachelor in Painting & Sculpture – Vishwa Bharati University, Shantiniketan, West Bengal PG Diploma (Textile Design) – Industrial Design, NID, Ahmedabad

Pritam Singh

Assistant Professor

Master of Design in Apparel Design (NID) , Bachelor of Design (NIFT, New Delhi)

Alfa Ghoghari


Diploma in Fashion Design – INIFD, Ahmedabad

Lifestyle Accessory Design

Ajay Chaudhary

Head of Department

M.Des. (Textile Design), NID

Sudeep Rawat

Associate Professor

Masters in Leather Garment Design & Technology, NIFT, Delhi B.Com, University of Pune

Manu Joshi

Associate Professor

B.A., Lifestyle and Accessory, NIFT Delhi Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (P.G.C.H.E.), Nottingham Trent University (U.K.)

Shweta Rai

Assistant Professor

Bechelor of Design in Jewellery Design (Pearl Academy)

Sunil Kaliha

Assistant Professor

PG in Mass Communications Bachelor of Arts, Delhi University UG Diploma (Jewellery Engineering), Indian Institute of Gem and Jewellery

Kavita Chauhan

Assistant Professor

Graduate in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessory, NIFT, Gandhinagar

Md. Kasif

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (Fashion Design), Pattern Making for Leather Garments B.Des., Leather Accessories and Software, NIFT

Aritra Roy

Assistant Professor

M.Des. – Ceramic and Glass, NID B.F.A. – Ceramic and Glass, Shanti Niketan, Viswa Bharati University



Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Lifestyle (NIFT)


Assistant Professor

Bachelor of Design in Lifestyle Accessory Design (UID Gandhinagar)

Krupa Mistry


MFA (Sculpture-M.S Uni.), BFA (Sculpture-M.S Uni.)

School of Industrial Design

Industrial Design

G. A. Vikram

Head of Department, School of Industrial Design

Professional Education Programme in Industrial Design, NID

Lisa Perrine Brown

Associate Professor

MFA Product Design & Fiber (Cranbrook Academy of Arts), Continuing Education, Textile Design:Weaving & Print Making, (Konstfack), BFA, Toy Design & Illustration, (Fashion Institute of Technology)

Shhyam Prajapati

Associate Professor

Master of Design (IIT Guwahati), B.E. Mechanical (SSBT Clg of Eng. Jalgaon Maharashtra)

Udit Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor

Master of Product Design (NID), Bachelor of Tech. (Mech. Eng. (Manav Rachna International Uni.)

Shrikant Ghode

Assistant Professor

Master of Product Design (NID), Bachelor of Engineering (Shivaji University Kolhapur)

Abhineet Kaushik

Assistant Professor

Bachelors in Transportation Design, Italy

Danish Rizvi

Assistant Professor

B.Des. (Product Design), NID

Sagar Joshi

Assistant Professor

Post Graduate in Product Design from MIT

Gaurav Prabhu

Assistant Professor

B.Des. in Transportation Design

Automobile & Transportation Design

Harish CB

Head of Department and Associate Professor

Master in Product Design (IIT Bombay), B.Tech. - Computer Science & Engineering (College of Engineering - Chengannur)

Rakesh Sharma

Assistant Professor

BA, Rajasthan Univ. ITI (Carpentry), Directorate of Technical Education, Jodhpur

Sharad Shetty

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. Tech. (Manipal University), B.E. (Mumbai University)



Paras Parmar

Head of Department

M.Des. (Furniture & Interior Design), NID B.E. (Mechanical), C U Shah College of Engineering, Gujarat

Unitedworld Institute of Design provides world class facilities at its sprawling campus. The artistic infrastructure at UID includes technologically advanced design labs, audio visual rooms, libraries and aesthetically designed buildings.

Unitedworld-Wide office focuses on enhancing UID’s global presence by placing a high priority to provide opportunities for students & faculty to gain international exposure through various platforms like int’l conferences, seminars, summer schools, global study trips, exhibitions etc