B.A. (Hons.) Political Science & Public Affairs

B.A. (Hons.) Political Science & Public Affairs

USLM’s BA(Hons.) in Political Science & Public Affairs offers a dynamic curriculum to prepare you graduate studies or careers in the public, nonprofit and private sectors.
The study of Political Science is the critical examination of international, domestic, and comparative perspectives that influence power, politics, and policies. Political scientists investigate how power is legitimized, how it operates, and how it shapes our world. They also examine individual and collective values and how people navigate society’s rules and institutions.
Public Affairs is the field of study that looks at how different entities work to forward a social mission. It covers topics like administration and management in settings where problems are complex, there are competing goals and values, and where profit can’t be the only deciding factor. In public affairs, we try to make decisions that are “good” for everyone involved

● Extensive classroom learning through course structure designed to meet contemporary challenges
● Lectures delivered by expert faculty
● Interactive learning through various pedagogical tools
● Training through practical exposure
● Opportunities for internships

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