Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI)

Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI)

Data Science is the core part and heart of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotics Design and Automation, Blockchain.  These emerging technology buzzwords has started transforming and reshaping the world digital business.  The demand for Data Scientists, Data Analysts, AI and ML Engineer, Robotics Engineer and Blockchain Developers, etc. is consistently growing from 5% in 2017 to 40% in 2025, across all sectors.


The vision of Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI) is to be known globally as a School of Excellence that provides transformative educational experience, creating positive societal impact through establishment of global centers of higher learning in emerging technology areas of computational intelligence in pursuit of academic excellence.


  • To foster critical thinking amongst students and instilling in them the values, skills and attitude to become lifelong learners and efficient problem solvers
  • To ensure seamless integration of academics, research and innovation for nurturing professional excellence and entrepreneurship
  • To create an environment for holistic development of learners by strengthening student centric welfare activities in pursuit of building socially responsible citizens

Academic Programmes

The Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI), a constituent college of Karnavati University, was established with a goal to promote and create a world class professional institution which offers Graduate, Post- Graduate and Research programmes in Emerging Technologies.

Department of Computer Engineering

  • B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering
  • B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Department of Computer Science

  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Computer Science with specialisation in Data Science
  • B.Sc. Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The School propose to offer Post-Graduate Degrees – M.Sc., M.S. (By Research) and Ph.D. programmes in computational intelligence and emerging technology areas such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Robotics, Blockchain Development, Software Reliability Engineering, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Network Security and Adhoc Networks.

Academic Collaborations

The School has academic collaboration with the following software MNCs for developing industry oriented curriculum, sharing learning resources, software utilities, support for e-learning and generation of certified professionals.

  • Microsoft
  • AWS Educate
  • Oracle Academy
  • Red Hat Academy
  • UiPath Academy

Academic Collaborations with the following industries are in progress.

  • SAP Academy
  • CISCO Netacademy
  • IBM Academy

Objectives of Academic Collaborations

The School is looking for academic collaboration with national and international universities and research institutions.

  • Organizing Joint International Conferences/Events/innovation and teaching activities/Faculty joint book publication
  • Students Internships / Semester Capstone Projects / live lectures through virtual class room
  • Exchange of faculty and research scholars for short-term collaboration
  • Technical assistance on cloud Set-up and High Performce Computing Facilities
  • Promoting joint research projects and joint courses of study, with particular emphasis on internationally funded projects
  • Exchange of materials in education and research, publications, and academic information
  • Sharing best practices, impart knowledge and skills competencies
  • Endeavour to encourage students and staff to spend periods of time in the host institution – Field Visits, Summer/winter Academic faculty cooperation on collaborative research, lectures in areas of common interest
  • Identification of short-term academic programs and projects of mutual interest for Students and Faculty
  • Identification of short-term academic programs and projects of mutual benefit to both institutions
  • Developing and conducting academic and professional training programmes for skill upgradation
  • Joint participation in course development and delivery
  • Interchange of academic, scientific and cultural information and publications
  • Providing Technical consultancy on emerging technology projects
  • To jointly engage in further collaboration as may be mutually agreed by both institutions from time to time

Centres @ USCI

Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI) has established various centres to provide the faculty and students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge transfer, support for research and development, consultancy and training. The centres also conducts workshop, seminar, Faculty Developpment Programmes, Students Skill Development Programmes, Technical Competitions,

  • Karnavati Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (KCRAI)

Centres at Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence, Karnavati University

Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI) has established Centre of Excellence to provide the student with cutting-edge skills and knowledge.

Karnavati Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (KCRAI)


The vision of the Karnavti Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is to promote educational and research activities in the areas of AI and Robotics and create competent AI and Robotics professionals and entrepreneurs.


  • To conduct Skill Development Training Programmes for students and research activities for faculty members in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • To prepare the students through project-based learning and demonstrate technical competence in their profession by applying knowledge of recent trends in AI and Robotics
  • To generate trained and skilled manpower to solve real-time practical problems and fulfil the industrial needs such as Healthcare, Financial and Agricultural Industries and Higher Educational R&D Institutions
  • To facilitate sponsored research and consultancy in the field of AI and Robotics


The Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence has been set up with the following objectives.

  • To carry out combined Artificial Intelligence and Robotics concept-based research in the broad areas of AI, Robotics and Automation
  • To produce trained manpower through degree programmes of B.Sc., Master’s Degree and PhD Degree offered by USCI, Karnavati University and many hands-on trainings
  • To take up real time commercial and industrial projects with specific application in the areas of medical, manufacturing industry maintenance support and other relevant areas
  • To conduct outreach programmes through technical workshops and hands on training programmes for faculty members and students to disseminate knowledge in interdisciplinary areas

Karnavati Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (KCRAI) at Karnavati University was established on 05th March 2021 to promote educational and research activities in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Fundamentals of robotics programming, simulation and other advance courses. The centre has got AR1440/GP12 type of robotics installed to cater the needs of the students of B.Sc. programmes offered by our Unitedworld school of computational Intelligence. The centre has signed an MoU with M/s. Yaskawa India Pvt Ltd., a Japanese leader for academic collaborations It bridges the gap between industries and our Karnavati University with a distinctive capability to harness the intellectual energy of academia to impact Indian industries. It is established as an interdisciplinary Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in response to the rapidly growing interest of automated industries in robotics and automation in recent years.

KCRAI at USCI is to teach AI and Robotics design to the students of KU, provide solutions to realtime automation and Industry needs. The main focus of the KCRAI is to create and design a simple autoamation projects to control all kind of areas such as home appliance, medical, manufacturing industries etc. To developing the simple prototype models to provide feasible solution to worldwide problems and needs.

The Centre will primarily focus on the following.

  • Education at USCI– To facilitate and teach students on importance of varieties of electronic components, actuators, sensors and robotics actions through our international standard course curriculum.
  • Higher Education – AI and Robotics Courses will provide a comprehensive educational environment and enable students to gain expertise in upcoming generation robotics and automation systems. By exposing our students to course work from multiple disciplines and preparing them to think about AI and robotics from a complete approach. The Robotics course will prepare a skilled industry workforce as well as technical expert researchers who will be able to provide leadership in a world that is progressively dependent on upcoming technology. The students will have good career opportunities in planning, designing, manufacturing, research and agriculture, space investigation and a variety of other areas such as medical, industry maintenance support.
  • Research- To identify research areas in agriculture engineering, helth care industry, Automobile Industry, Finance and incorporating with inter-disciplinary areas.
  • FDP/Workshops/Webinar – KCRAI will organize Hands on Training programs, summer schools, workshops, Conferences, FDPs, Symposiums, Seminars.
  • Industry Projects – Collaborate to innovate and co-create solutions for various industry verticals.
  • Incubation – To promote innovations, solving the problems in society, Industry needs and developing eco-system for Start Ups.
  • Robotics Design Contest – To promote many events on innovative ideas to share the knowledge among the student by conducting design contest/Ideathon/etc. So, it facilitates students’ fraternity to understand the problem, analysis, developing algorithm, implementation through different types of controllers.


The Centre is presently working on the he following research projects.

  • Smart Surveillance System in IoT Applications
  • Automatic Crop Monitoring System
  • Design of Picking and Harvesting Robots
  • Smart ATM Security System
  • Pick and Place: A smart application using AR1440/GP12 Yaskawa Robot
  • Design and Implementation of Flying Robots for Telemedicine Applications


Sensor-Based Technology in Interior Design

Creative Coding with Robotics

Introduction to Robotics

USCI - 12469

Dr. Raju Shanmugam

Professor and Dean

M.E., Ph. D.

Dr. Manivel Kandasamy

Associate Professor and Head of Robotics &Automation Division

M.E., Ph. D

Prof.(Dr). Thirunavukkarasu K

Professor and Head of Data Science Division

M.E.(CSE), Ph.D.

Prof. (Dr.) Avadhesh Kumar Gupta

Professor and Head of AI and Machine Learning Division

Ph.D., M.Tech.(IT), M.C.A.

Karthick R.

Assistant Professor and Head of Cloud Computing and Virtualization Division

M.E., B.Tech., Ph.D. (pursuing)

Dr. Purti Bilgaiyan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kunjan Nayankumar Shah

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rizwan Alam

Assistant Professor

Prof. Sankar Subbaiah

Visiting Faculty

Prof. Ravindra Kumar Patil

Visiting Faculty

Visiting Professors - 12492

Prof Brij B. Gupta

Distinguished Visiting Professor

Full Professor- Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering and Director, International Center for AI and Cyber Security Research and Innovations, Asia University, Taiwan

Dr. Shahnawaz Khan

Visiting Professor

Ph.D. (Computer Science) (IIT-BHU)

Unitedworld School Computational Intelligence has adopted blended model of learning methodologies.  Learning Methodologies involve practice-based learning of theory courses, activity based learning and project based learning.  Students will be encouraged to learn MOOC based online courses with credit transfer arrangement.

Eligibility for Admission to B.Tech. and B.Sc. Programmes

Name of the Programme Admission Criteria

1. B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

2. B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

1. (a). Passed 10+2 Examinations or equivalent from State/Central Educational Boards with Physics/ Mathematics / Chemistry / Computer Science / Electronics /Information Technology / Biology / Informatics Practices/ Biotechnology/Technical Vocational Subject/Agriculture/ Engineering Graphics/ Business Studies/ Entrepreneurship.(Any THREE Subjects)

   (b). Obtained at least 45% Marks (40% Marks in case of candidates belongs to reserved category) in the above subjects taken together

2. Score Obtained in JEE (Main)

3. Personal Interview (PI)

3. B.Sc.  Computer Science

4. B.Sc. Computer Science with specialization in Data Science

5. B.Sc. Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

1. Passed 10+2 Examinations or equivalent in any stream from State/Central Educational Boards with at least 45% Aggregate Marks (40% Marks in case of candidates belongs to reserved category).

2. Score Obtained in KUAT 2021

3. Personal Interview (PI)


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