B.Com. (Hons.) Economics & Accounts

B.Com. (Hons.) Economics & Accounts

The Economics and Accounts programme is designed to give you a strong foundation in economic theories and concepts, as well as developing your analytical and problem-solving abilities. You will gain a deep understanding of the issues associated with Economics and Accounting, and learn how to come up with solutions. Both accounting and economics require extensive number crunching. However, while economics is a field of social sciences focused on the production, consumption, and transfer of resources, accounting is a profession dedicated to documenting, analysing, and reporting revenue and costs. Accountants monitor the flow of cash for organisations and people. Economists keep tabs on broad changes that influence money and the resources it denotes. Both assist firms and governments prepare for the future, make prudent financial decisions, and develop fiscal policies.

● Practical training using several economic and financial models
● Comprehensive curriculum that covers accounting and economics
● Learning through practice
● Academic and industrial exposure
● Internship possibilities

Course Structure

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B.Com. (Hons.) Economics & Accounts
B.Com. (Hons.) Economics & Accounts
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