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Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

Our excellent physical infrastructure and contemporary teaching methods facilitate effective learning by the students. The school is a part of a 115-acre campus of the university. The campus is equipped with all start of the art infrastructure facilities, including but not limited to auditoriums, seminar halls, library, reading rooms and playground. Our diverse industry connections and collaborations help students to get exposure to the professional world. A dedicated placement cell supports students in obtaining suitable placements and internship opportunities

The focus of the school is on academic excellence and holistic education, to fulfil this objective the school offers various experiential learning activities to students both at the school level and university level, Students are exposed to various contemporary areas of learning such as Design thinking, Indian philosophies and values and Financial technology They are also provided opportunities to obtain certifications in excel and analytics during their study tenure with us . Case based learning is promoted through case studies, industrial visits, project-based courses, workshops and on-site visits. Also, a research and societal bent of mind is created is through a research based dissertation and a community engagement project which has to be done mandatorily by all students

The school runs a mentorship program for all its students through which mentors are assigned to students, these mentors could be faculty members or industry experts , the mentors coach and guide the students towards accomplishment of their career goals and objectives . The school encourages peer learning opportunities among students by providing them collaborative projects and assignments which in turn help them to perfect their life skills . Interface with the alumni and industry is promoted through alumni series and a guest session series on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

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UG Degree Programmes of UWSB

B.B.A. (Hons) Finance

A finance degree gives you the practical skills you need to work in corporate finance, including how to raise capital, manage debt, and select business projects. You’ll also learn about investment and risk management. With a financ...

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B.B.A. (Hons.) Marketing

Marketing is a complex and ever-changing field that plays a central role in understanding customer needs and desires. This major will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful marketing professional in to...

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B.B.A. (Hons.) Human Resource

In today’s business world, Human Resources play a vital role in ensuring that organizations are able to find, develop, and retain the best talent. With the ever-changing business landscape, the role of HR is constantly evolving and...

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B.B.A. (Hons.) Entrepreneurship & Family Business

B.B.A. (Hons.) Hospitality and Tourism Management

B.B.A. (Hons.) Sports Management

While the players on the field are the element most visible in the sports industry, the professionals behind the scenes play an important role in the smooth operations of teams at all levels

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B.B.A. (Hons.) Data Analytics & Business intelligence

Data analytics & Business intelligence is becoming increasingly important as organisations grapple with how to make use of the vast amounts of data that are available

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B.B.A. (Hons.) Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, reaching a value of nearly USD 353 billion in 2020, the industry is expected to grow even further, reaching a value of more than USD 930 billion by 2026.

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B.B.A. (Hons.) Aviation

B.B.A. (Hons.) Global Management Programme (GMP)

Opportunity to study abroad for upto 14 weeks and gain exposure to international culture and working environment

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Ph.D. Degree Programmes of UWSB

Ph.D. in Management

Ph.D. in Management is the highest academic degree awarded in the study of management science. Ph.D. in Management degree is designed for candidates seeking academic research and management teaching careers as faculty or professors busin...

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At KU, we have dedicated and efficient the Career Service Departments/Placement cells for all of its constituent colleges that provide customized placement opportunities to its students as per their individual skill sets, capabilities and knowledge.

We have established an enviable synergistic relationship with Industry wherein we provide continuous exposure to our students to relevant industries. This creates opportunities for students for live projects, graduation projects, industrial training, classroom projects, internships and placements.

Multi-layer Placement Cell

Our unique global placement team provides students with a proficient assistance which is divided into three models. With global contacts and one of the most active placement teams in India, Unitedworld provides suitable placement opportunities for its students. It is one of the most structured and well-planned career development efforts of any business school.

Strong University Industry Interface

UWSB collaborates with eminent global educational institutions and offers student exchange programmes for academic and cultural enrichment. The exchange programmes enhance the research capabilities par the global level as well as provide managerial and industry exposure to the students.

UWSB’s Industry Certification Programme offers students a competitive edge and helps them acquire job-ready skills. This programme is conducted in alliance with the industry, partner institutes and professional associations to offer industry certification as part of the education programs. The programme allows students to obtain on job learning from partner institutes and industry for completing a specific education programme. The programme also enables students to adapt smoothly and be prepared for the demands of the industry even before they step into the working world. The programme provides holistic acquittance of academic and industrial know-how with frequent industry visits, robust summer internship programme and guest sessions from the professionals.

Most importantly, UWSB also focusses on innovation because inculcating innovative and entrepreneurial temperament among the students is of utmost importance. The institute has a well-developed incubation centre and also a dedicated team for fostering intellectual property creation and protection. This approach is adopted in view of the timely need for encouraging result-oriented research and improving the holistic development of the students.

Learning Model

The learning model at UWSB has been developed to create an appropriate environment of learning that facilitates students with new experiences every day. Our learning model focuses on engaging the student into new dimensions of work. This model provides an environment for interactive student engagement and enhances their system thinking abilities. We believe that the experiential knowledge gained while implementing this model can be transferable to other disciplines as well.

Education Delivery Method

Through focused learning opportunities, our students dwell in the realm of impactful ideas, both inside & outside the class room which helps them to understand bigger perspectives. The students also gain new insight into business across sectors, functions, organization types through business projects and apply them successfully in complex and changing environment. During first year, students are exposed to immersion programmes in rural, entrepreneurship and start-ups along with add on modules on soft skills followed by Internship. Further, second year is concentrated towards specialized add-on certification programmes like Lean Six Sigma, Business Analytics, Investment Analysis and Decisions, Learning Interventions & Consultancy apart from soft skills add on modules, leading to a greater focus and stress in the respective areas of Specialisations.

Advisory Board

Mr. Ritesh Hada
President, Karnavati University
Gujarat, India
Dr. Sonjaya S Gaur
Professor, School of Professional Studies
New York University, New York, USA
Mr. Ali Zoldan
CEO, Quantum Media Group
New York, USA
Dr. Justin Paul
Distinguished Professor, University of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico, USA
Dr. P K Garg
Professor, IIT Roorkee
Ex-Vice Chancellor, Uttarakhand Technical University
Dr. Malay Bhattacharya
Professor Emeritus, IIM Kashipur
Ex-Professor, IIM Bangalore and IIM Lucknow
Dr. Madhu Vij
Professor, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)
Delhi University
Mr. Pramod Kumar Rajput
Sr. Vice President & Vertical Head
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Dr. Pankaj Madan
Professor, FMS, Gurukulkangri University


Which Programs are offered at UWSB?

UWSB currently offers a BBA (3 year), BBA (Honours)- 4 year, BBA (Honours with research) – 4 year and a PhD Program in Management.

Which Electives are offered by the Institute for the BBA Program?

The Institute offers nine contemporary electives in the BBA Program namely , Finance , Marketing, Human Resource , Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Sports Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing and Aviation

What is the Duration of the BBA Program?

The degree offered as per UGC Nomenclature (National Education Policy, 2020) shall be a BBA after 3 years, a BBA (Honours) after 4 years if dissertation is not opted for and a BBA (Honours with research) if dissertation is opted for. The program also has earlier exit options, If the student intends to exit the program after completion of 1 year, a certificate in Business administration shall be offered and if a student intends to exit the program after 2 years, a diploma in Business administration shall be offered.

How can the undergraduate programme help students in starting or expanding a business?

The 3-year BBA programme at UWSB is designed to prepare future entrepreneurs. The programme fosters entrepreneurial acumen among the students by making them comprehend the business and management principles. The holistic learning experience further encourages them to start their own venture as well as manage the existing businesses more efficiently. The opportunities are further enhanced with the presence of the in-house incubation centre. Funds are also provided for unique start-up ideas through the incubation centre (KIIF).

How can the undergraduate programme help in pursuing corporate roles?

The BBA programme also leads to many job opportunities, including high-paying consulting roles. Accountants, bankers, business analysts, executives, human resource managers, management consultants, and marketing managers are among the many job opportunities for business management students. Through dedicated sessions and workshops, the students are also acquainted with the preparation for competitive examinations for higher studies or government jobs.

What are the requisite skills for pursuing a business management programme?

Preferably, the students are required to possess certain skills like technical skills, conceptual skills, communication skills, decision-making skills, and logical thinking skills. Networking and problem-solving skills are also necessary, which enhance their comprehension power and imbibe critical thinking. The institute endeavours to inculcate the required skill set among the students while pursuing the programme.

What is the eligibility criteria for admission in BBA ?

The students who clear ‘Class XII’ in any stream are eligible for admission in BBA. Students who await their Class XII results may also apply.

What is the procedure of admission in BBA ?

The students have to clear KUAT (Karnavati University Admission Test). Subsequently, a face-to-face personal interview is conducted for the shortlisted students.

What is the earliest possible duration to complete the PhD programme?

The earliest possible duration to complete the PhD programme is three years from the date of admission.

What is the minimum eligibility criteria to join the PhD programme in management?

The minimum eligibility criteria for pursuing a PhD is a post-graduation/ master’s degree in management from a UGC recognised university.

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It was a great time spent at Unitedworld School of Business. We have a panel of great faculty members who are from reputed colleges and also have the depth of knowledge. The relation between faculties and students is very cordial. It has all the best facilities under one roof like state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-stocked libraries, good […]

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After passing from class 12, we all have dreams to join a very good university that shall guide us further like UWSB, take good learning and work on our own dreams. This is all that a student wants in their life. When i joined Karnavati University I just had one goal in my mind and […]

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UWSB & Karnavati University, the name, the environment, the life is just much more beyond an institution. The culture is the most fascinating part of this university, it comprises excellence, empowerment and enrichment. In those 3 years of my BBA program I have learned so much. I feel grateful every single day that I got […]

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The day I entered college I had one quote in my mind which says “A college degree is not a sign of a finished product but an indication that a person is prepared for life”. Today when I think of this statement after three years from passing out of UnitedWorld School of Business, I think […]

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