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Constituent Colleges of KU

Constituent Colleges of KU

Courses at KU are designed to allow students to explore the width and the depth of the stream they have chosen. They are an amalgamation of strong theoretical foundation and extensive practical exposure. We design our courses to be an experience, which remains unforgettable.


Among the top design institutes in India, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a rarity. Founded with the aim to outclass the top design colleges in India with its state of the art labs and hands-on creative learning, it seeks to create trendsetters and ideators who’ll lead the future of design schools in India.

UID stands apart from B. Design colleges in India in exposure it offers to students which are unmatched by top design colleges in India. Precisely why its popularity grew among design institutes in India in a short span of time.

UID offers Bachelor of Design (Hons.) with specialisation in (1) Product Design (2) Automobile & Transportation Design (3) Interaction Design (4) Fashion Design & Styling (5) Visual Communication (6) Animation & Digital Media (7) Game Design and Simulation (8) Interior & Furniture Design (9) Global Design Programme.

UID offers Master of Design (M.Des.) with specialisation in (1) Industrial Design (2) Fashion Design (3) Visual Experiential Design (4) Interior & Experience Design.


While a good business school teaches management fundamentals and covers the functional areas of an organization, a great business school transforms the way one thinks, leads and gives back to society. UWSB’s 4-year BBA (Hons.) programme aims at laying a solid foundation for its students to pursue higher education in management at Master’s and Doctoral levels or succeed in the world of business.





Unitedworld School of Law is a new statutory institute established by Unitedworld Group amidst lush green environment near Gandhinagar. The institute is recognized by the Bar Council of India and it is affiliated to Karnavati University. Prior 2017 we offered degree courses affiliated with Gujarat University (State University). The institute also functions as a nodal agency to uplift legal education in Gujarat. We firmly believe “Knowledge is power”. Our vision is to impart legal education with the aim of percolating constitutional values in the students of Law, to constantly work for the betterment of the nation through legal education and to effectively contribute and strengthen justice delivery system, making law, implementing law, interpreting law in India. We are striving to become a world-class Law School, looked upon as a reservoir of high-thinking professionals and visionaries. Create global citizens honed with open logical ideas based on human values. Maximize the intellectual social and logical potential of all the students and experience learning from world-class faculty members with impeccable track records. The institute is committed to exploring multidisciplinary approaches through its distinctive curriculum which is designed to give extensive exposure to students to domestic, international and comparative law subjects. Our multi-disciplinary learning methods have proved fruitful as our alumni are setting new milestones in their professional fields.

UWSL is the fastest growing law school in the western parts of the country, we are proud of the position but do not see it as defining us; what defines us is the liberal outlook, wherein legal education is imparted in an inter-disciplinary manner. Consequently, there is a convergence between the disciplines of law and business studies in both developing and executing the curriculum in the BB.A.-LL.B. (Hons.) and B.A.-LL.B. (Hons.) degree courses. 


It’s no wonder that USLM students look so confident in facing the world. They go through all the rigors of academics, skill development, and outreach programmes so that they grow mentally strong and positive for their future endeavours. They are guided by the best of faculties in a world-class environment.

The courses have been meticulously planned – both for Liberal Arts and for Mass Communications. The first two years (four semesters) prepare the base, while in the third year – which is a trimester – the students choose their areas of specializations – for Liberal Arts, it can be People in Societies, or History and International Relations, or Business Studies, or Economics & Public Policy, or Communication & Aesthetics. For Mass Communications students, they can specialize in Broadcast Journalism & Film Studies, or in Advertising & Public Relations, or in Print & Cyber Journalism. The Liberal Arts students have the option of studying the fourth year as an Advanced Diploma to make them eligible to study in foreign universities.

In terms of future prospects of both Liberal Arts and Mass Communications students, one can unhesitatingly say, that the sky is the limit. The Liberal Arts students can pursue civil services, careers in entrepreneurship, healthcare, research, marketing, qualified interpreters and transcribers and do well in all kinds of work related to social services. Mass Communications students will outshine others in journalism, filmmaking, radio jockeying, scriptwriting, media planning, managing events, television anchoring, corporate communications and in advertising.



Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI) will offer 3-year Undergraduate (UG) Programmes from the academic year 2021-22, leading to

Department of Computer Engineering
B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering
B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Department of Computer Science
B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science
B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science with specialization in Data Science
B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science with specialization in Cyber Security
B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science with specialization in Forensic Science
M.Sc. Information Technology (Cyber Security)


Welcome to Karnavati School of Dentistry, imparting an unprecedented level of Dentistry Education. KSD offers both BDS & MDS courses. The institutional block of KSD is facilitated with appropriate learning centres, laboratories and museums.

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