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USCI - 12469

Dr. Raju Shanmugam

Professor and Dean

M.E., Ph. D.

Dr. Manivel Kandasamy

Associate Professor and Head of Robotics &Automation Division

M.E., Ph. D

Prof.(Dr). Thirunavukkarasu K

Professor and Head of Data Science Division

M.E.(CSE), Ph.D.

Prof. (Dr.) Avadhesh Kumar Gupta

Professor and Head of AI and Machine Learning Division

Ph.D., M.Tech.(IT), M.C.A.

Karthick R.

Assistant Professor and Head of Cloud Computing and Virtualization Division

M.E., B.Tech., Ph.D. (pursuing)

Visiting Professors - 12492

Dr. Shahnawaz Khan

Visiting Professor

Ph.D. (Computer Science) (IIT-BHU)

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